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Ph.D, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto
M.A., Department of Asian Studies, UBC
B.A., School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London
Sessional Instructor, Asian Studies, UBC

Recent Publications:

“The Severed Head Speaks: Death, Revenge, Moral Heroism, and Martyrdom in 16th- and 17th-century China”, in, Carolyn Strange et al, eds, Honour, Violence, and Emotions in History. London: Bloomsbury Press, 2014: 23-44.

“Three Kingdoms.” Literature of War: Volume One, Approaches. Edited by Thomas Riggs. Detroit: St. James Press, 2012. 110-114.

“Deferred Revenge, Failed Loyalties, Broken Families: Filial Piety and Loyalty in late Qing and Early Republican Writing.” In, Beyond Postmodernity: Doubt, Time, and Violence in Philosophical and Cultural Thought: Sino-Western Interpretations and Analysis. Edited by Artur K. Wardega, SJ.  Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012: 65-94.

“Reading Between the Lines: Representations and Containment of Disorder in Late Ming & Early Qing Legal Texts”. Ming Studies. No. 59, May 2009, 56-86.

 1997 – Sessional Instructor, Department of Asian Studies; Art History and Visual Art (2012-2014); University of British Columbia

 Sept. 2012 Director / consultant for China Links QG 100 network customized program for CEOS and government representatives in Montréal.

 2011-2012 Director, China Links: Professional Seminars at UBC

China Links (formerly Summer Institute China Program) offers cutting-edge professional training in China engagement to North American private and public sector organizations. China Links draws upon extensive research on performance norms and institutions, and coordinated compliance conducted through the Institute of Asian Research’s Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution Programled by Dr. Pitman Potter. Director’s role is to lead, initiate, and coordinate academic and organizational aspects of the program; work with potential sponsors, Chinese academic partners, North American and European partners, instructors, and participants; identify and liaise with relevant institutions, organizations and individuals; design and teach segments of the program; research contemporary Chinese policy questions for inclusion in the program; hire, supervise and work with program manager on marketing, branding, and outreach; and manage costing and budgets.

 2010-11 Director, Summer Institute, China Program, IAR

2006-12 Assistant Professor without review, part-time, Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia.

 2004-11 Director, Centre for Chinese Research, Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia. Responsibilities and initiatives included organizing international and local conferences, seminars, round-tables, talks, guest speakers, performances, art shows, film showings, (events totaling approximately 25 – 30 per academic year) as well as hosting numerous delegations from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, making arrangements for visiting scholars, coordinating CCR web site development and maintenance, publicizing funding and research opportunities for faculty and students, administering the Fukien Chinese Studies award, fostering research endeavours and links between UBC colleagues, departments, and other institutions (including, for example, National Chengchi University, National Taiwan University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing University), working on outreach and fundraising efforts, managing the Centre’s budget, writing regular reports on CCR activities, member of the Institute of Asian Research’s council.

2003-04 Acting Director, Centre for Chinese Research, Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia.

Select Reviews / other:

 Of Memory, Violence, Queues: Lu Xun Interprets China. By Eva Shan Chou. Ann Arbor: Association for Asian Studies, 2012, in, The China Quarterly, June 2014, 218, pp. 585-587.

Asia Pacific Memo “Chinese Artist / Activist Ai Weiwei Detained”. Posted April 2011.


 Legal theory, practice, and the forensic self: Wang Mingde’s (fl. 1674) A Bodkin for Unraveling the Knots of Law.

 Participant, International Ming statecraft research group, Qiu Jun’s Daxue yanyibu, UBC, University of Washington, and Collège de France, 2009- .

Online joint translation, “From Code to Cases and Cases to Code: A Comprehensive and Comprehensible translation of the Ming and Qing Criminal Codes: Legalizing Space in China” project, Institute of East Asian Studies (IAO), Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France. 2013-


 2014 Trustee, Board of Trustees, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Classical Chinese Garden Society.

 2014 Co-organizer, World Jade Symposium conference and exhibition, Vancouver; co-director: World Jade Symposium Association


 “Living Law: Typicality, Variability and Practicality: The Imperial Chinese Code, Sub-statutes, and Judicial Reasoning.”  Law and the Legal Profession in China.  University of Pittsburgh School of Law, February 2015.

 “Unraveling the “Eight Characters”: Wang Mingde’s (fl. 1674) ‘Mother of the Code’”, AAS Philadelphia. March 2014.

 Participant, “From Code to Cases and Cases to Code: A Comprehensive and Comprehensible translation of the Ming and Qing Criminal Codes”, Workshop for the “Legalizing Space in China” project, Institute of East Asian Studies (IAO), Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France, June 2013.

Leader, translation master class, “Bodies in Motion” workshop, UBC History Department March 2013

 “Placing Ritual in the Political Economy: Notes on Qiu Jun’s Regulation of the World.”  Tradition, Statecraft, and Reform: Qiu Jun’s Daxue Yanyi Bu and Its Influence in Ming-Qing China.  Collège de France, Paris, May 2011.
Earlier Publications
  • Guest editor, Renditions. Vol. 70 (Nov. 2008): Violence in Ming and Qing Literature. (Editor’s Introduction: “Writing (And Reading) Violence”, 5-12).
  • Introductory note to “Shang Sanguan”, by Pu Songling, translated by Catherine Swatek, Renditions. Vol. 70 (Nov. 2008), 59-61.
  • Introductory note to “The Cold and the Dark: Extracts”, by Pu Songling, translated by C. D. Alison Bailey and Bonnie S. McDougall. Renditions. Vol. 70 (Nov. 2008), 65-67.
  • “Reading Between the Lines: Representations and Containment of Disorder in Late Ming & Early Qing Legal Texts”. Ming Studies. Forthcoming, Fall 2009.
  • A Shield for a Pillow: A Cultural History of Filial Revenge. Book manuscript in progress. Under contract to Brill, due December 2009.
Translations (from Chinese to English)
  • Extracts from Chs 3-5 from Pu Songling’s “The Cold and the Dark” (17th century); in Renditions Vol. 70, 2008, co-translated with Bonnie S. McDougall. 68-88
Reviews / other
  • Review of Revolution of the Heart: A Genealogy of Love in China 1900-1950, by Haiyan Lee. Stanford, CA.: StanfordUniversity Press, 2007, in, The China Quarterly, March 2008 (no. 193), 197-198.
Conference and Workshop Papers
  • “History, Trauma, and Evasion: The Politics of Forgetting in “The Knot” and “SummerPalace” “. Centre for Chinese Research, IAR, Spring Workshop: “Politics, Memory, and Dissent: May, Fourth, June Fourth, and Beyond.” May 2009.
  • “On the Margins of Empires: Canada, Taiwan, Education, and Global Citizenship. A Think Piece.” College of Social Sciences, NationalChengchiUniversity, Taipei conference: “Globalization: Democracy, Institutions and Change.” June 2009.
  • “The Sichuan Earthquake: An Overview”, Forum on the Sichuan Earthquake and Burmese Cyclone: Observations, Reflections, and Actions, May 2008, Institute of Asian Research, UBC.
  • “Living Law and Changing Times: Wang Mingde’s (fl. 1674) Meditations on the Law”, AAS Atlanta, April 2008. (Part of panel entitled, “Circumstantial Evidence: “Living Law in Ming and Early Qing China”, organized by Alison Bailey).
Other academic activities Winter 2008-09
  • Roundtable moderator: “The Transmission of Affect and Value in East Asia”, Workshop on “Affects and Markets in Contemporary East Asia”, SimonFraserUniversity, May 2009.
  • Discussant & chair, “Politics and Meaning in Everyday Life: Class Labels, Psychotherapy and Religious Practices”, BC China Scholars’ Symposium, 2009 (SimonFraserUniversity), March 2009.
  • Panel Convenor, “Translation and the Canon”, Translation and Authority Workshop, Peter Wall Institute, March 2009.
  • Member, organizing committee, and panellist, Dialogue on the Asia-Pacific Gateway Initiative, February 2009.
  • Panellist, Centre for Japanese Research, Workshop on Japanese Centres in North America, Autumn, 2008
  • Consultant,Chinese art and culture, Dorling Kindersley Publishers, 2008.
  • Panel Organizer,“Circumstantial Evidence: Living Law in Ming and Early Qing China”, Association for Asian Studies, Atlanta April 2008.
Teaching 2008 -09
  • IAR 515A: Chinese Film & Identity
  • IAR 515K: Pre-Modern Chinese Law
  • Member of four PhD committees (Asian Studies: pre-modern Chinese & Korean literature & Buddhist studies). Hyuk-chan Kwon, Mary Ngai, Rosanna Sze, Leif Olsen.
  • Member of six M.A. committees (Asian Studies: pre-modern and modern Chinese literature & film); one completion May 2008; co-supervisor for one. Two completions April 2009. Courtney Loo (2008); Vickie Yau (April 2009); Earl Naismith (March 2009); Gary Wang; Marie O’Connor; Joshua Stenberg.
Academic & University Service
  • Director, Centre for Chinese Research, IAR, 2004 –
  • Member, Sessional Faculty Task Force, Asian Studies, 2008 –
  • Compiler & editor of CCR web pages for new IAR website 2008.
  • Member, Renditions Editorial Board 2007 –
  • Guest editor, Renditions, special volume on violence in Ming and Qing literature, Nov. 2008.
  • IAR representative, UBC Asia Open House (Asia Voilà!) organizing committee, 2009.
  • Chair, IAR Liaison Committee
  • Chair, IARBuilding Committee
  • Member, IAR Equity Committee
  • Member, IAR Teaching Committee
Organizer / Joint Organizer of CCR Events
  • Joint organizer, Conference: “Politics, Memory, & Dissent: May Fourth, June Fourth, and Beyond”. May 2009.
  • Joint Organizer:“Forum on the Sichuan Earthquake and the Burmese Cyclone: Observations, Reflection, and Actions.” May 2008.
  • Main organizer,Workshop on,“Staging the Beijing Olympics: Visions, Tensions, & Dreams.” May 2008.
  • Organizer, Brown Bag Lunch Seminars, Centre for Chinese Research, 2007-2009.

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